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An Ancient Tale New Told: The Stories of Shakespeare

Volume 1: Tragedies Volume 2: Histories Volume 3: Comedies

The stories told in the plays of William Shakespeare are among the most beloved in all literature. In this unique three-volume set, award-winning author and historian John Missall retells each play in modern prose while retaining Shakespeare's original language for the characters' conversations. The stories closely follow the action of the plays, using little added embellishment and minimal paraphrasing, allowing readers to easily understand and appreciate these timeless dramatic works. 

Illustrated with numerous Shakespeare-inspired works of art, An Ancient Tale New Told is the perfect tool for those who would like to become familiar with the greatest works in the English language.

All works are in paperback, 7" x 10" format, from Bodkin Books, $19.95 each

Vol.1, 2015, 500 pages, ISBN 9781515189664

Vol. 2, 2018, 432 pages, ISBN 9781791829063

Vol. 3, 2021, 545 pages, ISBN 9798377413509

What Shakespeare Didn't Tell Us

Backstories and Other Tales Inspired by The Bard

William Shakespeare was rarely concerned with a back-story. Introductory scenes usually exist only to give us the bare amount of information necessary to set the stage. How we got to that point is of no importance. Events are already in motion; we are there simply to see how it all plays out. 

And yet sometimes we can't help but wonder, "What led up to this?" In Romeo & Juliet, what was the long-running feud about? In The Merchant of Venice, why was Shylock so intent on taking that pound of flesh from Antonio? What made Lady MacBeth so murderously ambitious, yet so loved by her husband? How did Jack Falstaff become such a loveable scoundrel? Shakespeare doesn't tell us, but we'd really like to know. 

In this collection of six short stories, award-winning author John Missall delves into those questions and others, taking us on a journey that is both humorous and tragic, looking into the lives and minds of characters we'd like to know better. 

From Bodkin Books, 2022

Paperback, 403 pages, $19.95

ISBN 9798362750374